About Us

Carmen La Rosa grew up on an 1100 acre family farm in Swedesboro, NJ. He used to raise pepper plants and decided to try his hand at poinsettias so he could use the greenhouse year round. 

In 1979, Carmen and Charlene, moved to Woodstown to open LaRosa Greenhouses. Carmen & Charlene live onsite and spend their days taking care of their business. Due to the nature of their business in raising perishable products, they have to be very hands on – Carmen even refers to his business as his second wife.

The grounds of La Rosa Greenhouses are gorgeous – a beautifully landscaped plantation with Pole Lima BeansMums, Asters, Pansies & KalePoinsettiasHanging Baskets & Potted PlantsBedding Plants, and Vegetables, Perennials & Herbs, with six acres of greenhouses and 32+ acres under cultivation.

Next time you are passing through Woodstown, stop by to visit the retail store or ask for a tour of the greenhouse “range” as Carmen calls the spacious greenhouses that are filled with young poinsettias during pole lima bean season – or go “out back” and see what “the mum fields” – 210,000 beautiful chrysanthemums – look like in bloom